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Hoarding Awareness Workshop

Hoarding Awareness Workshop

Who is this workshop for? 

If you come across people with Hoarding tendencies in your role, whether staff, volunteer or as a family member or friend, this workshop is for you.

What to expect? 

This workshop will help you to understand what hoarding tendancies are, what is useful when supporting someone who hoards, what does not help. We will discuss tools and strategies that when applied can help someone affected by hoarding

There will be opportunities to share your experiences. Each case is different but with similarities weaving through, so confidencially sharing can help demistify the challenges you are facing to see each case as individual as the person is.

What will be different? We want to bring the individuality back in the picture. We hope that hearing from those living with hoarding will bring a new perspective to your awareness.

How long will it last? 

Doors open at 9.15 to settle down with a cuppa and get comfy.

We aim to start at 9.30, have a cuppa and biscuit break mid morning and end by 12.30pm.

JOIN NOW for an interactive workshop for people looking to broaden their understanding of hoarding, and needing help to support their clients or loved ones who hoard. 


Meet Naomi, the founder of Hope 4 Hoarding. She started volunteering for the "Making Space" project in 2017 whilst training to be a counsellor. The interest in hoarding turned into a desire to learn more and share awareness to others about hoarding, and support those living with hoarding. 

Since then she has become a Case Manager for "Making Space" and this year started the first peer led hoarding support group in Bristol. This offers people a space to explore their challenges & successes within their home, make connections to feel less isolated and receive guidence from peers and facilitators around how to make positive steps forwards to make their homes safer and their lives fuller.

Hope 4 Hoarding was born out of a desire to offer an alternative, decluttering and hoarding specific therapy. 

"Hoarding itself is a misunderstood area, people are missunderstood and therefore people trying to support them struggle to know the best way forward. My passion is to bring people together to demistify hoarding and put the person back in the picture."

"I grew up in a cluttered home, a clear surface was for guests and Christmas, I struggle with my attachment to items and keeping order in my own home doesn't come naturally. I think we all have a tendancy to be attached to things from one extreem to another."



Mental Health and Hoarding don't always get connected in peoples minds, but hoarding is a mental health issue. It is important to be aware of this and acknowledge this when working with people to declutter their homes. 

Hoarding isn't a lifestyle choice, in the same way that most people don't want to be depressed or anxious, people don't want to live in highly cluttered homes. We want to offer people a way of managing, not forcing them to change.

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